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Play NYC 2018 – Orbit Quest

Blast-off in this great new game from Frost Labs Studios!

A dashing space-based puzzle-action game is on its way! Orbit Quest by Frost Lab Studios is a delight to play and gives such an awesome feeling as you best each one of its challenges.

Players are lost in space following a mission to grab resources for a space colony. Using their ship to blast off from the orbits of various celestial bodies, it’s your goal to get home!

Orbit Quest, Frost Lab Studios

Managing your fuel and making sure you don’t miss (thus winding up in the vast nothingness that is deep space). It is such a thrill to launch yourself from planet to planet, sometimes barely catching the edge of a small planet’s orbit. Sometimes you are left to figure out just how to catch the orbit of a planet rapidly bouncing back and forth between two points. Meanwhile dodging lasers and the armed sea creatures that apparently inhabit space.

Orbit Quest promises to be a lot of fun! It will be available for PC and Xbox this fall. You can track the game’s progress by following Frost Labs Studios on Twitter, Instagram, and checking out their official site. You can also try the game out in its upcoming demo, here.

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