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Play NYC 2018 – Brawl City

You ready to Brawl!?

GroundUp Games upcoming mobile fighting game, Brawl City, is a methodical yet fast fighting game that indeed feels all kinds of right!

Brawl City uses a system of light and heavy attacks as well as special moves to provide a balanced fighting game experience for mobile devices.

It is not as straightforward as mashing buttons. Executing that will get you wrecked. It’s blocking, thinking, and managing to pick out openings… and then maybe mashing the attack if you are like me.

While currently in its Alpha phase with only two characters so far, GroundUp Games has major plans for a full roster complete with a story mode allowing players to take on an increasingly difficult roster of AI controlled characters. The perfect way to sharpen your skills between challenging your friends.

Brawl City will be available for Android and iOS. You can follow its development by liking the GroundUG Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome article Tai!
    Glad you stopped by our Booth to check it out.

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