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Liberty City Anime Con 2018 – Chu-nap

There is something amazingly relatable yet also fantastical about the artwork of Chu-nap. So much of it feels like real moments and feelings, all presented in Chu’s unique style. Something instantly caught me about their work, that has made me an instant fan!

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more sketches

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As an illustrator, Chu has managed to paint life in their own way. A level of skill that is just amazing to see.

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all white dogs are susu in diff sizes

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Which makes all the ways you can take chu’s designs home, so awesome.

T-shirts, prints, stickers, and accessories, Chu has made an aesthetic all their own that I plan to start rocking myself.

Chu-Nap, via
Chu-Nap, via
Chu-Nap, via
Chu-Nap, via

Chu-nap is definitely an artist you should be following!

You can check out Chu-nap’s online store here. To keep track of their upcoming con appearances and works in progress, you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to support Chu-nap, I highly suggest visiting their Patreon.

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