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Play NYC 2018 -Anyball

You can hit a bowling ball with a tennis racket!

Let’s say that you’re hanging out with your friends and you all want to play a sports game. Unfortunately, no one can decide what game they want to play. Instead of going through the process of choosing a sport that everyone would have some amount of fun, why not play all sports at once? That’s where Anyball comes in.

Anyball is a procedural generated sports game where 2-4 players are thrown into an isometric arena and given a random set of rules; with the one consistent rule being that the shirt color you have is the objects you should interact with to get points. The objects could be anything; a sports ball, a goalpost, buttons, and so many other sports-related objects.




Your characters are cute and stretchier than your average athlete, which makes the matches a sight to behold. Speaking of which, the matches are a set of 3 rounds, with the next round shorter than the last, along with more objects to use to gain points for yourself or take points away from your opponents. With co-op and free for all options, the possibilities are indeed endless!


Anyball is fun, silly, and is on its way onto the PC via Steam in Q1 2019. Check out their site for more info and track their twitter for any updates!

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