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Liberty City Anime Con 2018 – MakoHouse

Masterfully beautiful watercolor pieces!

It is always interesting to see the level of work and details that can go into watercolor creations. That is what is so great about the art of MakoHouse, each piece is an amazing expression of magic and skill!

Creating original art as well as pieces displaying their love of nerd fandoms. Even their fan-art has a personal touch to it. Always present is their captivating style and beautiful use of colors.

MakoHouse has prints, original pins, washi tape, postcards, and even a webcomic that is just magically beautiful.

MakoHouse via
MakoHouse loves their birds! MakoHouse via
MakoHouse via

All of this is available at the official MakoHouse site as well as the many convention appearances they make.

Taken @ Liberty City Anime Con 2018

You can keep track of what MakoHouse creates, including their upcoming comic, by:

(Featured Image source – MakoHouse)

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