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The Art Of Marleni Gomez!

A talented artist spotlighting what she loves!

Illustrator and designer Marleni Gomez has a talent for hitting you in the feelings. Whether it’s through her amazing scenes or her unique characters who just feel so real, Gomez has a talent for making you just go “WOW!”

Each scene feels like a narrative, some grand adventure that we are getting a glimpse at.

An encapsulant of a moment, of dynamic journeys all their own.


Or are just plain old fun!



I am fully in love with her ability to create magical moments or real reflections (sometimes mixing the two in a way that only she could).

Her creative talents also shows itself via the available prints on her Etsy shop.

And her amazing cosplay!




Marleni Gomez, Via

If you want to follow Marleni, you can:

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