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@Play NYC 2018 – Origin Of Storms

Wield the power of the elements!

Origin of Storms is a unique indie fighting game all its own. Characters wielding elemental abilities doing battle in a fast based combo slugfest, all presented with stunning 3D models and gorgeous backgrounds.

From the gameplay we got to experience at Play NYC 2018, the combat is rewarding. Landing hits and successful combos fill you with the pride of devastating your opponent, and getting thrashed yourself never feels like you have been wronged. You know when you make a mistake, or your rival just manages to briefly out-skill you. This gives Origin Of Storms a feeling that few fighting games have.

It manages to be accessible to those who don’t study hitboxes all day but still offers that meta-level of gameplay for those seeking it.

Giving players the chance to not just learn the game, but for experienced players to try and master.

This is especially true when you add on its system of elemental transformation. Through building up your power gauge, you can transform into a more devastating and visually impressive form of your character (think Bloody Roar).

Do you see why we are excited about Origin of Storms?


Taken @Play NYC 2018

Origin Of Storms is definitely a fighting game that you should be watching. Currently slated for a holiday 2019 release window, it will be available for the Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Via – Origin Of Storms

You can follow along with the game’s progress on their:

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