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Play NYC – ‘>_Terminal’: A Tower Defense Game With A One Of A Kind Approach To The Genre

A Game for Software Engineers

>_Terminal is a tower defense game with an amazing twist. It somehow has taken not only a unique approach but also created one of the most unique learning tools I have ever seen.

>_Terminal is the tower defense game that teaches you how to code by playing.

Developed by Correlation/One and released for free on their site. It is a competitive tower defense game in which players write computer programs that then automatically carry out the player’s designed strategy.

While that might sound intimidating to some, Correlation/One informed us how the game manages to be accessible to those who are just learning to code. Even being a useful tool for assisting with that education.

And perhaps >_Terminial ever-growing player base is evidence of that. The game even has regular cash prize tournaments, the next tournament at the time of writing being tonight at 6pm! You can watch over at their twitch, here.

If you are interested in >_Terminal, you can sign up and play for free over at

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