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Play NYC 2018 – Crazy Platez

How crazy can you drive?

This weekend at Play NYC 2018 I learned about a phenomenon called a “Garbage Plate.” Native to Rochester, New York, there are many variations but from what I understand its base form is served as baked beans and macaroni salad with fries, all on top of a bed of burger patties.

Aesthetician Labs

This unique dish is the basis for the mobile high-octane delivery game Crazy Platez!

Developed by Aesthetician Labs, Crazy Platez has you delivering food to the people of Rochester. It is a race against time and your diminishing fuel to feed ricochet, while also dealing with the factor car’s speed continues to increase on its own. Making turns by tapping the left & right edges of the screen. Navigating the streets is made even crazier as your car bounces off of buildings. You are sometimes left ricocheting past a vital turn or stranded down a road that’s going to burn through a bunch of your fuel to get through.

And it feels so amazingly fun!

Aesthetician Labs

The frantic bouncing about, the time running down, and the people who need to be fed!

Aesthetician Labs

You are the hero the people of Rochester didn’t know they needed…

Crazy Platez will be available for Android and iOS devices in late 2018.

You can check out the game’s twitter, here.

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