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Play NYC 2018 – Mister Mart

Punch out customers while you work in 'Mister Mart'

Everyone who has worked in a service field gets how stressful It can get. But pushing through till the end of the day is the adult thing.

But not in Mister Mart. In Mister Mart, the best solution to an annoying customer is a swift punch!

Mister Mart is a VR game developed by Studio 217. You play as a customer service representative for a terrible Super Market. So terrible in fact, that all the customers are returning their food. This leaves you performing returns… while the customers come at you from all angles!

So how do you fend off angry customers while you try to do your job and keep your stress levels down? Punching…

All the punching!

Mister Mart, Studio 217

There is something so satisfying about the gameplay. As the number of customers begins to ramp up you need to keep your stress levels down in the game by laying out Customers. With the stress management angle and you having to deal with an ever-changing set of extra score variables like not cashing any dairy products, each session feels like its own unique frantic encounter. The varying parameters for getting extra points put alongside the constant influx of customers makes the game somehow a fun test of concentration. Most would think it would be simple as smashing the face of the incoming customers and dropping items into the return, but it isn’t.

Awareness is key!

Managing to pull off a high score earns you a spot on the game’s planned leaderboards.

Mister Mart, Studio 217

Mister Mart is available for the Oculus Rift via Steam and is currently in early access. Its full release will be August 28th.


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