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‘Dead Cells’ Gets Animated Trailer Ahead Of Launch

"Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat."

Ahead of its August 7th release, game developer Motion Twin has released a new animated trailer for rogue-lite Dead Cells, showing off the game’s world and unique style.

The Trailer:

Dead Cells, the indie smash hit, crawls out of Steam’s Early Access to take over your computer, and a good three days straight of your life. Take a ton of rogue, add in a dash of vania, smoosh them together and you’ll find yourself holding onto one hell of time waster! We’ve got something for every one: The Nintendo Switch Dead Cells, the PS4 Dead Cells, the Xbox One Dead Cells and, hell, we’ve even got shiny disc in a box Dead Cells!
(Via – Motion Twin)

A fun and humorous trailer, Dead Cells will get its full release on August 7th for PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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