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An Anime Fan’s Boyfriend Asked Her To Throw Out Her Anime Collectibles And Become A “Normal Girl”

She made the right choice

Dating and being a nerd/otaku, can be difficult no matter where you are. It may seem like nerds won with all of entertainment media being focused on adapting comics or video games and celebrities telling their fandom stories. But sometimes reminders pop up that while it is hip to be a perceived as a nerd, it is still matter of the level you participate in the fandom.

Enter the tale of Japanese Twitter User @amamizu_rain.

As reported by SoraNews24, @amamizu_rain had hidden that she was a Fujoshi. Her boyfriend discovered it after browsing through her phone without permission, demanding that she rid herself of her collection of anime, manga, and collectibles so that she can be a “normal girl.”

“Today my boyfriend discovered my hobbies and my boyfriend hit on them, so I tossed out my boyfriend because he said shitty things like throwing out all the goods and all the merchandise and becoming an ordinary woman. I do not think you are worth more than my favorite character! ! ! ! Fucking.”

Leaving him (as she should), @amamizu_rain has decided going forward to inform all men that she has an interest in dating, her status as a Fujoshi and the hobbies she enjoys.

Source – SoraNews24

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