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Marvel Teams Up With Vans For ‘Captain Marvel’ Shoe

A stylish cross-over!

As reported by, with the world is still enjoying Avengers: Infinity War, Vans is teaming up with Marvel to create a shoe based on the hero, Captain Marvel.

While the shoes have not gotten an official announcement yet, Vans has confirmed that they are indeed on their way, offering those excited for them, the chance to sign-up for more info.

Sporting the colors of Captain Marvel (Captain Carol Danvers), and are just the first in what is likely to be a lot of Captain Marvel tie-ins as we approach the release date for the upcoming film based on the iconic comic book character.  They are a part of the Vans Off The Wall Collection and the Sk8-Hi high tops line.

Current international listing has them retailing for $75 and they are a part of a larger release of Marvel tie-in shoes planned by Vans.

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