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The Vividly Colorful & Creatively Inspiring Illustrations Of GDBee!

An illustrator able to inspire senses of wonder, adventure, and comfort

There is a feeling that some pieces of art give that I never found a simple way to describe. When you see a character, landscape, or scene, and it gives you the inspiration to craft a story. To experience an adventure. To flesh out what it is you see in front of you and to make something all your own.

It is this sensation that I find in the work of illustrator GDBee.


GDBee (Geneva B) is a self-taught illustrator who shows off vivid and beautiful creative skill.

From the vibrant colors to the characters expressions and the small details that help make each piece their own amazing world. Each illustration makes me want to know more about the life of the character it displays.

beachdaybetterwal.pngLooks Like Rain by GDBEEronin

Which is why I love her several ongoing series, Especially her Magical girl Monthly.


And being added to her list of stories is her upcoming self-published full-color children’s book, Allie & Gator. It follows a young girl, Allie, trying to grow a garden while a rambunctious alligator named Gator has a bit of difficulty staying away from it.


It looks so charmingly cute!

If you like what we have shown, then for sure you should:

And if you would like to support this talented artist, you can visit her Patreon!

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