‘The Jook Joint’ Combines Domestic Violence, Racism, And Abuse With A Voodoo Priestess and Gore Filled Horror

A gorey period piece is on its way from writer Tee Franklin and artist Maria Nguyen. Being published by Image Comics, The Jook Joint combines a narrative filled with Abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault with supernatural bloody horror set amongst the jazz scene of the early 20th century. It all works together to make a uniquely dark and gripping story.

The story follows Halia, Voodoo Priestess owner of jazz club, The Jook Joint, as she gets vicious revenge on those who wrong her. The story was written by Tee Franklin, a domestic abuse survivor:

“I am a domestic violence survivor and I wanted to be able… I can’t kill the people who abused me in my life, but writing about it and having her draw is pretty freaking cathartic”.

Samples from the comic:



JookJoint (6)
All this is shaping to be a interesting mini series covering harsh topics and blending them with otherworldly outcomes.

The Jook Joint will be released October 2018 for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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