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‘The Otaku Coin’ Plans to be the Cryptocurrency You Earn by Watching Anime

This summer watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games can earn you all kinds of rewards.

The world of cryptocurrency has been heavily covered by news sources as the cash values have hit record highs. A new cryptocurrency is coming, one that hopes to reward anime fans.

The Otaku Coin will be a new form of currency that will be available to those who participate in the Japanese media industry (anime, manga, and video games.) With popular online media group Tokyo Otaku Mode leading its development, it is hoped that the Otaku Coin will allow Japanese pop culture consumers better connectivity with media creators and distributors. By watching or playing games and then reviewing that content, you help inform what should be distributed worldwide as well as provide financial support to the industry.

Tokyo Otaku Mode has the goal that, with this system, great anime will no longer be lost in the sea of new releases throughout the year.

As for what you can do with the Otaku Coin, it
 is being proposed that through participation Otaku coin earners will be able to use the cryptocurrency for shopping, events, and to support creators and projects. 

Hoping to launch Summer 2018, the Otaku Coin aims to have an industry where fan support truly can bring forth freedom of creativity for those working in the Japanese content production field.

You can see more about The Otaku Coin on the official site. 

1 comment on “‘The Otaku Coin’ Plans to be the Cryptocurrency You Earn by Watching Anime

  1. kingdylbag13

    So I get extra stuff for doing whatever I usually do? Sweet as


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