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A Look Ahead At – ‘The Red Strings Club’

Interconnectivity and questions of fate are at the forefront of this upcoming cyberpunk game

As a fan of cyberpunk and narrative based games, I am tremendously excited for the upcoming cyberpunk, dystopian, intrigue of The Red Strings Club.

A game coming from indie studio Deconstructeam, who made the excellent Gods Will Be Watching, The Red Strings Club is another example of their expert level storytelling. In a world here the Supercontinent Ltd corp plans to launch a new system that will eliminate negative emotions like depression and anger from society, a hacker bartender sets forth to stop them.

Now in any other game with this setup, you could imagine some Watch Dogs 2 or Remember Me type shenanigans but not in The Red Strings Club. You as this bartender must attend to the movers and shakers of this society, manipulating them through reading their moods and giving them drinks. Through interacting, you can gather information to alter the progress the grim conspiracies of the in-game society. The idea of interconnectivity and fate are going to play a part in this game.

The game’s features:

Cyberpunk Thriller Narrative: Uncover a mysterious corporate program that promises a blissful existence while debating what does happiness means and what lengths are permissible to obtain it.

Psychological Bartending: Read your customer’s’ mood and mix the perfect cocktail to manipulate the client’s emotions in order to gather the information you want and progress your agenda of stopping Supercontinent’s plans.

Genetic Implant Pottery: Design genetic implants at a high-tech lathe to change the attitude and direction of the corporation’s most influential executives.

Vocal Corporate Espionage: Assume the voice of important figures in the Social Psyche Welfare project and play their own motivations against each other over the phone to uncloak their plans.

-Via Deconstructeam

All of this sounds great and the pixelated art style sells the world amazingly.

trscs (4)

Due January 2018, The Red Strings Club is a game that I can’t wait to try and I recommend you keep it on your radar too!

Check out The Red Strings Club Steam Store page!
Follow Desconstructeam on twitter for further updates!

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