Flobots’ Jonny 5 Raps In English & Japanese In A New Song About Respect

Flobots MC Jonny 5 has been busy as of late. First dealing with the fact that Vlogger Logan Paul took portions and even the title of the popular Flobots’ song Handlebars. The skilled rapper made a response rap, something it seems Jonny 5 has done again with his latest song. A rap that jumps back and forth between English and Japanese, it is a show of just how talented the group’s frontman is.

This follows Logan Paul’s recent trip to Japan which after performing several acts seen as culturally insensitive by most, he proceeded to head to Japan’s Aokigahara forest. While there Paul came across and filmed a dead body.

While no word has been given if this is another response from the hip-hop star, it can not be said enough that this song feels like a thing we need to all hear and gain confidence from. That overall respect needs to not only happen but that we can make it happen.

Please share the song and follow Jonny 5 on Twitter.

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