‘Sailor Moon’ meets ‘Magic the Gathering’ in the deck you never knew you needed

The world of Sailor Moon is displayed with stunning quality by Etsy store NurdyStuff.


This custom made “Sailor Wars” deck has 126 high quality cards fitting into the white and black card types. The deck itself is fully playable using the existing games cards and rules (of course hoping your friends not minding you using a custom deck).

The Sailor Wars deck is a Sailor Moon themed magic deck consisting of 126 cards which includes 13 Guardian Cat token cards, 12 Sailor Guardian Attack token cards, 13 Dark Senshi token cards and extra mana/planes walker cards with varied art designs for you to mix and match with!


And while our spotlight may be on NurdyStuff’s Sailor Moon deck, there are plenty other options for various fandoms like Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, and Batman.


Check out Nurdystuff for a full selection and make sure to share it to the Sailor Scouts in your life!

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