Super Mario Cereal is back and now has amiibo functionality!

Children of the 80s and early 90’s may now truly be hit by the nostalgia stick, as a old friend returns! Nintendo mascot Mario is getting his own brand of cereal again thanks to a collaboration between the gaming giant and cereal-smiths over at Kellogg. This time themed around the latest game in the franchise, Super Mario Odyssey.


First reported by Cerealousy (the site I never knew I needed in my life), updated reports have released that it will support amiibo functionality.


While what exactly the way this new cereal will unlock is still left in the realm of speculation, it will no matter what, be a fun call back to the golden era of gaming. all of this is likely to be a good play on Nintendo’s part as amiibos were extremely well received by its fan base alongside Super Mario Odyssey.

(Source and images –¬†

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