‘Twelve Forever’ is coming to Netflix and we couldn’t be more excited!

In 2019 we get to fully enjoy the world of 'Twelve Forever'!

A while back, one of Cartoon Network’s past minisodes caught our eye and we wished with all of our might for a full series. It was humorous, it hit us in feels, and it was filled with all the 80’s radical factor we could handle.


and now we are getting a whole set of episodes thanks to Puny Entertainment and Netflix.


Twelve Forever created by the talented Julia Vickerman is guaranteed to become an instant favorite. Following 12-year-old Reggie, who has the ability to travel back and forth from the normal realm to Party Island.

Using a plethora of powers and sweet moves, she along with her best friend Shane who can transform into what every Reggie’s wills him into while in Party Island (Think of it like the Wonder Twins but more “tubular”).



The pilot is weird, it is definitely unique, it is nostalgic, it is kind of frantic, and I can’t wait for the full series to be available!

Features Matt Berry voicing a character called the Butt-Witch for reasons

Twelve Forever is coming to Netflix 2019, and I promise it is going to be worth the wait!

For those who can’t wait to see it, you can, of course, follow its talented creator on Twitter as a way to both track its production and to show support!

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