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‘Where The Water Tastes Like Wine’ Has You Encountering The Folklore of America

The legends of depression era America await you!


We are currently in a golden age of narrative story telling. Games like What Remains of Edith Finch and Gone Home have shown that sometimes just the experience of a story is enough to captivate gamers, that is one of the reasons why Where The Water Tastes Like Wine has me excited for its release. It is about experiencing the stories of others.

A upcoming indie title by Dim Bulb Games ( founded by Gone Home programmer Johnnemann Nordhagen) and Serenity Forge, you play as a wanderer during the great depression, who after losing a card game to a anthropomorphic wolf man, is tasked with collecting the stories of people around America. These tales are no simple ones either, you come across the myths and legends of America’s past. The developers have multiple writers helping to bring this folklore to the game. Your journey will be fascinating, scary, and amazing. It is all to find that magical place “where the water tastes like wine”.

Story Trailer:

The gameplay fits this story, having you choose your path and hearing the tales of others through dialog boxes accompanied by beautiful impressionist art done by Kellan Jett, the art works to help immerse you into the time period (I am so hoping for a artbook to be available).

Slated for a 2017 release (so thankfully soon!), Where The Water Tastes Like Wine will be available for PC and Mac (With the possibility of other platforms down the line).


We Suggest you follow them on their developer Blog to follow this brilliant game’s development.

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