This is Halloweeb: Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo)

Starting off this month of Halloweeb with a taste of Hell


Ever had someone that caused you pain and you just wanted to get rid of them no matter what the coast? Enter the “Hell Correspondence” website and it’s curator Ai Enma, the “Hell Girl” who will take your grievances (and the person causing it) straight to hell,  though this comes at the price of your own soul. Running for Four seasons long, the first season of Hell Girl is primarily self contained, a more Aesop’s Fable style of cautionary tale as to the treatment of others. Starting at the eighth episode we are introduced to Hajime Shibata, a journalist and his daughter Tsugumi who investigate the Hell Correspondence Website, becoming more conflicted as the season progresses in stopping these judgments from happening. The second season follows another girl from hell: Kukuri who travels to and from the twilight realm and earth, later the plot revolves around a boy who is blamed for disappearances in his village. Kukuri returns in the third season to recruit Enma’s assistants while also following Enma’s possession of a school girl. The final season follows a character named Michiru who is deemed to be the successor of Ai Enma as the new Hell Girl.

If you have some time to kill this October and are interested in an anime with a slow burn,  you should definitely check this one out. You’ll have a hell of a time.!

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