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PewDiePie Uses Racial Slur During ‘PUBG’ Stream

The world's most popular Youtuber is in trouble once more and it is costing him

World famous Youtube entertainer and streamer, PewDiePie is again in trouble for the use of a racial slur.

While Streaming PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, PewDiePie (Real name Felix Kjellberg) was caught during a bit of combat, using a harsh racial slur to describe the actions of a enemy.


(The clip is here, and warning that a derogatory word is used and might bother some)

His use has resulted in some game devs and personalities distancing themselves including the creators of Firewatch, who proceeded to announce that they are filing DMCA take downs of any of content Kjellberg has up, as well as urging other game developers to do the same.

This follows Google and Disney distancing themselves from him and stopping their partnerships after he was involved in a video where he paid two men to hold a sign saying “Death to All Jews”. That brings the questions up of what might happen this time? And will this be the last time?

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