Cyanide & Happiness is Getting Its Own Video Game and We Couldn’t Be More Excited!

Long running dark comedy webcomic and video  series, Cyanide & Happiness has announced its very own video game that was carefully hidden at and on their Youtube via a unlisted link.

… And on their twitter.

Let’s not discuss how well a secret it is and more about how great it looks!

This teaser has all the things needed to get us to play and we can’t wait. At the moment the project is planned to be PC only, but they have goals to broadening that. So keep track but remember, it’s a secret!


The Kickstarter is now live!


Tai Radway spends most of his time writing letters about how much he misses Gravity Falls and playing World Of Warcraft. When he can find the time between raids, he acts as the Editor-in-Chief of Nerdier Tides. You can Follow him @Trad27.

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