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A New Comedy Is On Its Way From The ‘Always Sunny’ Creators

The gang makes a new comedy

The gang behind It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will soon be up to shenanigans in a all new community. Stars & creators Charlie Day (Charlie), Rob McElhenney (Mac), and Glen Howerton (Dennis) have been tapped by Fox for the pilot of a new show called Cool Kids.


A comedy taking place in a retirement community, it follows 3 friends that are the coolest “kids” in the community until the upheaval of a new female retiree knocks them from their thrown. It’s being pitched as high school with senior citizens.

Kevin Abbott will be the showrunner, but it is exciting to see what the 3 will be coming out with it.

Tai Radway spends most of his time writing letters about how much he misses Gravity Falls and playing World Of Warcraft. When he can find the time between raids, he acts as the Editor-in-Chief of Nerdier Tides. You can Follow him @Trad27.


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