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Chairs Thrown From Hotel’s 10th Floor Rain Down on Dragon Con Attendees

One of the victims cosplay helped lessen the impact as a metal chair hit her head

In what some might say is a growing trend of convention destruction, this past weekend Atlanta’s Dragon Con had a incident occur where someone tossed several metal chairs from the 10th floor of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis (where the convention was being held) onto chattering groups below hitting two women.

Image Source WSB-TV

Kelly McDaniel was one of the two women struck by the falling chairs and was rushed to medical care, with it being noted her injuries alongside the other woman’s was thankfully not severe. She received staples in her scalp to stop the large amounts of blood loss she suffered, her rescue was helped by the quick action of the Dragon Con attendees who witnessed the incident and rushed McDaniel inside to get medical assistance. McDaniel was further saved by her Loki cosplay which included a helmet and broke some of the blow.

“It really did sound like gunshots we were scared and a lot of people there so it’s a mass panic and everybody is going crazy and it was traumatic.” Kelly McDaniel to Fox 5

The police are investigating but this joins growing reports of Cons suffering from the reckless behaviors of some of their more problematic goers. Broken walls, flooded bathrooms, graffiti etched into hotel carpets. Hotels and venues don’t understand that incidents like this don’t speak for fandom on a whole and this latest chair incident might hurt conventions in the future.

We hope for a speedy recovery for both victims.

(Source Fox 5 Atlanta)


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