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Chinese Retailers Are Now Selling Personal “Anti-Pervert Flamethrowers”

Because what is better than fire to scare off a pervert?

The newest item to enter the public sector in terms of personal defense, Chinese retailers and vendors are starting to sell personal flamethrowers.


With temperatures hovering around 3,500 degrees, these flamethrowers are under scrutiny from Chinese police forces who have announced that these flamethrowers are “technically illegal”.


This technicality has resulted in the sale of these flamethrowers to not cease and the marketing to be ranked up. They are offered as small protection tools that while able to pack a punch can also fit into a handbag or bookbag.

Ranging from $10 to $40, and sold everywhere from Chinese street markets to online Chinese shops. There are concerns beyond from what they could do to targets. Tank leakage and sudden combustion has caused all matter of safety concerns.

(Source – Men’s Health)


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