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@PLAY NYC: Plague the Peasants

Plaguing the world one rat and poisonous cloud at a time!

Frost Lab Studios’ Plague the Peasants is the type of game you will sometimes feel morally bad for playing, but will enjoy none the less.


Tasking you with spreading a plague in a medieval setting, you use agents like rats or what I can only call clouds of filth, to infect peasants.


Using your customizable plague, you then enhance its symptoms to have harsh side effects like fevers, nausea, and even turning them into zombies. These symptoms help the spread of the plague to other peasants, spreading the fun all around! Unlike other games, this one lets you take a close look at your victims on personal level, and it is something to enjoy.


If Plague the Peasants caught your attention (And honestly why wouldn’t it?), you can sign up for the Beta here.

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