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@Play NYC: Where Shadows Slumber

A game that takes the dancing of shadows very seriously.

Walking home at night, you’re always worried about the shadows that lurk near you. You never know what it is, but what if it’s the path you’ve been looking for all along?


Where Shadows Slumber is a mobile puzzle-adventure game that tracks the journey of Obe, a man determined to get to his destination with his trusty lantern. The game requires you to use the thought, “What you cant see, can always change”. The shadows that are reflected from behind pillars and objects change the surrounding area they cover. You must use patience and thought to make your way through the stages.

shadow giff

The game is an interesting and inspiring concept that gives “shadow play” a new meaning.  I have played through the demo roughly 4 or 5 times. Yet, There is always one puzzle that I get stuck on even though I solved it a few hours prior. It pays homage to level designs from Monument Valley, which the developers admire.

Obe of Where Shadows Slumber

As noted from Game Revenant Founder Frank Dicola, the game’s story is secret. Not even I know what lies ahead for our dear Obe. The Where Shadows Slumber is set to release sometime in 2018 on Android and IOS mobile platforms for a set price of $4.99. The full game is estimated at 2 to 4 hours of game play with cut scenes.

Levels Mountain-2                                   Level Tomb-7                                      Level Aqueduct-4

Till then, I highly recommend playing the completely immersive 9 Level Demo. It sucks you in, making you want more. What really gets the player going is the special surprise cutscene at the end of the demo. I wont spoil it, You must see it for yourself. YOU MUST!

Visit your App store to play the demo. Follow them on Twitter @GameRevenant & Facebook. Or Visit

Developing Company, Game Revenant, is made up of Frank Dicola & Jack Kelly. All of them are Gradutes of Stevens Institiute of Techology, Where Jack approached Frank, in Late 2015, with the prototype of Where Shadows Slumber. Game Revenants, Frank Dicola is also the creator of the board game, Mr.Game and I.T.S, which is still in development.

Cecile spends her days wandering, playing video games and shopping for things she probably doesn’t need. She can be found working behind the scenes and keeping the Tides gang in order. Follow her on Twitter @MrsAbsinthe

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