Here’s a Video of a Man Wearing Saiyan Armor, Solving A Rubik’s Cube While Tossing It From Hand To Hand With His Eyes Closed


Living in NYC my entire life I can attest that life gets pretty weird here, but there are certain moments of weird that can catch you off guard. Thanks to photographer Sheldon Serkin, we can now show you one of those weirder moments of weird as a man that I can only guess is on his way to the fiercest training session proceeds to solve a Rubik’s Cube…

With his eyes closed, tossing it from hand to hand while wearing saiyan armor.

What can I say except that you have to work hard to go super saiyan?


Tai Radway spends most of his time writing letters about how much he misses Gravity Falls and playing World Of Warcraft. When he can find the time between raids, he acts as the Editor-in-Chief of Nerdier Tides. You can Follow him at @Trad27.

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