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@PLAY NYC: Critically Awkward

A one of a kind animated talk show will be hitting Twitch later this year!

While most streamers focus on recreating the formula of other successful streams, one group of talented creators are bringing a whole new world of creation to streaming.


Created by the talented team over at Motion Sickness, Critically Awkward will be the first streamed animation talk show to be on Twitch. The premise? It is a debate show/fighting game in which the viewers decide the winners. Each side is giving a health bar that over the course of a “discussion” (during our interview we were told it would be more like a brawl with words) that would decrease as the fans determine the wining points. Think Street Fighter except with less punching and more “Dude you are totally wrong”. Consecutive good points can result in combos, interjection of a good point that breaks the opponents combo can result in a a combo breaker, each episode will last over the course of a few rounds like a real fighting game. I love how they are rolling with the theme. The example topic in the promo video is about if Super Smash Bros. counts as a fighting game or not. A topic which has divided gamers for a long time.

(A debate we have had many times here at NT)

Can you tell I’m excited?

While the technology and scope of the fan interaction is being kept under-wraps until the show’s October release, the scope of the tech is impressive already. A demo was on display that showed the ability of its animating a moving person and it’s translation into the projects art style.

For those excited or who want to keep up with the project, you can…

We can’t wait for this October when we get to see and experience Critically Awkward!


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