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@PLAY NYC: The Low Road

Our pick for best of PLAY NYC!

I am going to make it clear now, I LOVE THE LOW ROAD. While it is our usual practice to space out and discuss our opinion over the course of a preview/review, The Low Road leaves no question about how amazing a experience playing both the demo on the PLAY NYC floor was and the full game itself is.

I love The Low Road.

Developed by XGen Studios (developers of Motherload, Super Motherload, Stick RPG 2, and so many other great classic games), The Low Road is a dark comedic point-and-click adventure game that understands the genre fully. Following the newly graduated spy Noomi Kovacs, as she gets a job at the Outside Intelligence agency, she is met with some disheartening news. Ambitious in her goals, Noomi seeks to be a field agent but is sadly informed that the O.I. only has room for one active field agent. Even if he were to be indisposed, the rules make it that she has too wait for all of her superior agents to be gone before she can get the job.


Noomi’s Solution? Get rid of everyone above her till she can get the job she wants.

Lie, blackmail, and steal your way down The Low Road. Rookie agent Noomi Kovacs must navigate her way through the world of corporate espionage in this dark spy comedy set in the 1970s.

Do you see why this game is great?

The premise seems so right for a spy game, the story is told through a unique art style, expert use of a game soundtrack to set the tone, and amazing voice acting. Every line is voiced and every joke expertly delivered. Your choices matter and their are false endings. These dialog choices are met with varying mini games and puzzles that might stump even the most seasoned gamers. The challenges never overstay their welcome. They are long enough to mix things up but never bothersome in their various goals.

Because of some choices I ended up in a rhyming and later haiku battle.
A pick pocket minigame/ puzzle

I want to talk so much more about this game’s plot but let’s save those details for your play through. The game gripped me from the moment I started playing. Noomi has entered the halls of great video game protagonists to me. I’m leaving out a lot because I plan to write even more on how this game shows a mastery of comedy that a lot of games lack these days, but I will make it known that The Low Road is my pick for best of PLAY NYC, and currently is one of my top contenders for game of the year.


The Low Road is available on Steam for $19.99. I completely recommend fans of good storytelling and dark comedy check it out.


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