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Domino’s Teams up With Square Enix To Sell Copies of FF XIV Alongside Pizzas

Get games with your pizza orders... the future is here...

Fans of pizza (and really who doesn’t love pizza) rejoice! Domino’s Pizza of Australia has teamed up with Square Enix in a pretty fun move. They are now offering copies of Final Fantasy XIV: Complete Edition in a pretty nice deal.

This belongs to Square Enix

Ordering 1 of 3 traditional pizza styles morphed to fit a Final Fantasy theme, you can get a download code for Final Fantasy Complete Edition (which includes A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and the latest expansion Stormblood).

via Domino’s Australia
via Domino’s Australia

The available styles are some fun names including Moogles Meatlovers, Heavensward Hawaiian, Curious Cactuar, Chocobo Chow, and  Stormblood Supreme.


The price for this fun and awesome deal starts at $59.99, so to anyone currently in Australia, snag one while available.


Tai Radway spends most of his time writing letters about how much he misses Gravity Falls and playing World Of Warcraft. When he can find the time between raids, he acts as the Editor-in-Chief of Nerdier Tides. You can Follow him at @Trad27.

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