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Rick & Morty: Back-to-School Etsy Hunt

Rick and Morty is one of the most popular Adult swim shoes to exist. And as its popularity peaks even higher, It’s best to get some inspired gear while you can. Luckily you won’t need a Meeseeks box or demensional transporter to get these epic pieces. 

1.Custom Rick and Morty Converse

These shoes won’t help running away from the bullies or even your past. But at least you’ll be looking good while running in gym or even to your next class. Besides, your probably late because people keep asking you about them. 


2. Le Petite Rick T-Shirt

TINY RICK IS IN THE HOUSE!!! Be as witty and popular as tiny rick without the dying in a vat in the garage with this epic tiny rick shirt. Hell, it being in Italian makes it more interesting. 

3. “Get your shit together” Magnet

Having some trouble getting your shit together for the school year? What better motivation then this amazing quote magnet. Cause you need to get your shit together! Get it all together! You know where I’m going with this!

4. Stylish Rick iPhone Case

Can’t figure out an outfit for the day? Who cares. With this phone case. No one’s even looking at you. The stylish Rick Sanchez has your back. 

5.  Meeseeks Earrings

Mr.meeseeks!!! This little guy can’t fulfill your wishes, sadly, But it can achieve giving you maximum cuteness! 

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