It’s back to school time again. Enough summer. Nows the time to face the music and get that back to school shopping done. And what better way than with this awesome Star Wars Swag on Etsy that’ll make you a true rebel on campus. (Click on item titles to be redirected to the Etsy shop.)


No sandwich jokes here people. A woman has better things to do. Like run the resistance or get to class on time or even be a kick ass princess. This back pack is definitely what you powerful females need. 
2. R2-D2 Headband

Being chased by droids? Working out at Gym? What better way to keep the hair out of your face than with this cute R2-D2 Headband. Just be sure not to run into any walls.3. Han & Chewie’s Whiskey T-Shirt

This shirt speaks a thousand words. Actually about 30, but You’d be doing Han & Chewie a favor by promoting their new Whiskey. Distilled on the Planet of Corellia. (Totally doesnt exist…yet)4. Darth Vader “Do Your Homework” Poster

For those of you going off to college, You’re finally free from the rules of Mom and Dad. Though, with that freedom comes great responsibility. And By great responsibility, I mean homework. What better, Than a reminder to do your homework from your favorite Dark Lord. Even if you didn’t do your homework, Its not like he can force you to. HE’S NOT YOUR FATHER. 5. Storm Trooper Sugar skull Pillow Case

Going off to college is rough, especially when you get a little home sick or your dorm mate sheds more than Chewbacca in summer. But at least you know, you’ll always have sweet dreams with the Storm Trooper Sugar Skull Pillow case. Just be happy your parents are a car ride away and not on Alderaan.

These and more great back to school finds on Etsy.Com.

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