Telltale Games Announces ‘The Wolf Among Us’ And ‘Telltale Batman’ Are Both Getting Sequels


Fans who have long awaited a sequel to Telltale Games adaption of the comic series Fables, The Wolf Among Us, will be excited to hear a second season is due in 2018. For those who also enjoyed their interpretation of Batman, they only have to wait as long as August 8th of this year. The second season, Telltale Batman: The Enemy Within was announced via the same trailer, as well as The Final Telltale Games Walking Dead Season due in 2018 as well.

The video:

With this showing off Batman and the newest and shockingly finale, Walking Dead Telltale game series entry, the videos ends with the voice actor of Bigby Wolf, Adam Harrington, announcing his return alongside The Wolf  Among Us dev team.



It makes for a fun stylized announcement as they read tweets from fans demanding the newest game. I will say for myself as a fan of both the comics and the game, I CAN’T WAIT!

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