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Squid Ink Pitch-Black Instant Noodles Announced

A squid flavored ramen, covered in splashes of vibrant colors and a pitch Black broth

Perhaps just in time for Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 release, instant ramen brand, Cup Noodle,  has announced they will release the Squid Ink Black Seafood Cup Noodles.


With a container covered in splashes of color (Once again, a Splatoon 2 tie in?), this flavor of noodles will have its broth turn a dark black, simulating squid ink. The actually meal content is made up of delicious helpings of squid, egg, pieces of fish, cabbage, and green onions. Available at the end of the month exclusively in Japan, fans of exotic flavors and unique buys can likely find a few online for sale.


This makes for another video game nod from Cup Noodle creator, Nissin. The last popular one being Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV.

YouTuber – Chaos Production Inc.

source – rocketnews24

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