Splatoon 2 Punishes Rage Quitters With Hilarious Message


Early reviewers of the upcoming Splatoon 2 are reporting that quitting mid match gives you a pretty funny message.


“Your previous online play session didn’t end naturally, which is PREEEEETTY suspicious. If this keeps happening, we’re gonna have to block you from playing online for a while. Make sure your internet isn’t busted and try again.” –source

As reported by twitter user @hypwnotic and several gaming news sites, the above message is delivered to those who quit matches, warning that continued match quits will cause Nintendo to impose a temporary ban. This is seen by many as a good more on Nintendo’s part, while some find this to be a scary reality when internet connections might falter or suffer failures. No word yet on how long the bans would last, or if there is a early redemption ability.

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