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Cons Against Our Sanity: The Card Game for Con Goers

Are you ready to laugh again?

Geeky, anime, and video game conventions have been around for many years but the past decade have grown in prominence. It has gotten its own form of culture, tropes, and expected events.

Enter Cons Against Our Sanity, the great party card game that wants you to have fun with that (and also lets you be a terrible person at the same time)!

Kickstarter project by Kronotiq Media LLC, Cons Against Our Sanity is a homage to Cards Against Humanity, but with a flair all its own. The game’s cards all reference a weirdly universal experience con attendees will be familar with or jokes all nerds will get.

The game’s trailer is fun, humorous, and sets up that no aspect of convention life will be left alone.

This game combines almost a decade of convention attending experience with dark humor, satire, and creativity. We set up this kickstarter because we know we can deliver an amazing product to more people with proper funding. With your help, you can make this game a reality. If you like to have fun, you enjoy conventions, or want to remember what it was like to laugh again, please help make this game possible. We think you’ll absolutely love it.

Laurie, Izzy, and Chris at Kronotiq Media LLC

At the time of writing, this Kickstarter has 14 days left and has currently raised around $6000 of their $15,000 goal with 50 backers. If this fun sounding project has you frothing (even lightly) at the mouth in excitement, go check it out and make sure to share with all your friends! It is so close and just needs the help of fans of sometimes rude humor.

The Kickstarter!

Please do share!

Updated June 29th 1:32am: corrected the current level of funding they were at when this was published

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