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The Remarkably Stunning Cosplay of Sachi

A stylish cosplayer with piercing eyes

It is not often we choose to spotlight cosplay. It is hard to pick out what can actually grab our attention with a perfect blend of detailing, the chosen character, or all the little modifications that give the piece identity and personality.

Enter a cosplayer named Sachi, who managed to steal our breath away…

Sachi as Yoruichi Shihōin

A New York City based cosplayer & freelance stylist, Sachi aka ChibiThot, has a great sense of scene composure and style. Her photos show a mastery of location, theme, and grabbing the viewer.

A fan of anime, she has cosplay ranging from One Piece with gladiator Rebecca, relaxed Ryuko from Kill La Kill, a fun Bleach meets DC Comics mix of Catwoman X Yoruichi Shihōin, and even fighting games displayed by a awesome cosplay of Elena from Street Fighter! Below is a sample gallery of her creations.

Sachi as Rebecca
Sachi as Elena

Sachi is a master of her craft who has fun doing it. She is currently prepping for her convention season and is working on the creation of a cosplay Vlog/Stream. We suggest you…

Check out her Twitch ChannelChibith00t

Follow her on Twitter – @Chibithot

Follow her on Instagram – @ChibiTh0t

Please do follow this skilled creator as the nerd convention season truly begins and she releases more of her work!

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