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Yuri On Ice: A Sports Anime to Look Out For

3/10 no actual lesbians on Ice

When you think of figure skating, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Jumping spins and rotations that would leave most people sick for one, the effortless grace of the skaters as they make their way around the rink. Yuri On Ice show us just how hard these athletes have to work for it.

The story follows Yuri Katsuki after a loss during the finals of a Grand Prix competition. Having doubt himself and ice skating he goes out and perfectly mimics a routine performed by another ice skater Viktor Nikiforov (No, not the 1956 Winter Olympics hockey player.) Of course, this video gets leaked and it catches the attention of not only the masses but also Viktor, who immediately flies to Japan to coach Yuri causing an uproar in the ice skating community. Now Yuri must deal with fan girls, the media, Viktor, and another figure skater  named Yuri!

Yuri on Ice has some amazing animation, each frame fluidly transitions as the characters glide about. The routines that the characters do are set to real life pieces, which are enjoyable to listen to. Just try and keep eyes off the action!

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Justin Seva is a writer, producer, and voice for Nerdier Tides. When he isn't providing content for the site or catching up on gaming news he spends his time reading manga while listening to music of the anime persuasion.

1 comment on “Yuri On Ice: A Sports Anime to Look Out For

  1. I think part of what is making this different from a lot of sports anime is there isn’t really a focus on being a part of a team given the sport is generally more individual. It’s giving them some space to focus more on the individual characters rather than how they work together.
    Thanks for sharing.


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