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A Brief History Of Gaming – Drill Dozer

The creators of Pokémon made this immensely fun gem!

Game developer Game Freak has plenty of fame for creating the much loved Pokèmon series but it is rare we discuss their other amazing entries, like 2006’s Drill Dozer.

Released on the Gameboy Advance right at the end of it’s life cycle, Drill Dozer’s focus was main character Jill. 

Jill, the daughter of the Red Dozer gang leader, is tasked with recovering the red diamond from rival gang Skullkers following an attack on her father. Taking control of the Red Dozer rig, she drills through evil robots, gangs, and the police as she steals back what was taken from her and makes an effort to restore the name of the Red Dozers.

Controlling the rotation of the drill with the shoulder buttons and upgraded your suit, you face more and more tremendous bosses while making your way through seventeen action platform levels.The music and gameplay are fast paced, The cast was fun and memorable, and the boss battles are true examples of old school memorization and patterns.

In 2016 it recieved a release on the Wii U virtual console. It has a strong fan following to this day but no word if a sequel is ever going to arrive for this hidden gem.

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