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Woman Claims Pokemon Go Sexually Assaulted Her

A Russian woman has reported being raped by Pokémon Go.

Russian news site has reported that a Russian woman has been raped by a Pokémon via the game Pokémon go

The woman’s account of the night is that she played Pokémon go for several hours before finally laying down and going to bed. She then says she felt weight fall on her slightly and as though someone was “committing a act of personal violence upon her”. When she opened her eyes she saw the Pokemon before it vanished. She retrieved her phone and discovered using the Pokémon go app the Pokémon in question to be in the same room as her.

The police have dismissed her claims and she has reportedly seeked psychic help following lack of police support. No word on what Pokémon it was yet.

This is just the latest in alarming news regarding Pokémon Go’s reception in Russia. 

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