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Russian Consumer Group Demands Psychological Examination Of Pokémon Go

Some Russian officials thinks the Cia might be involved with Pokémon Go's creation. Causes concern at consumer level.

With Pokémon Go taking over the phones of people across the world,the concerns of many of Russia’s officials has been an interesting one.With accusations that the game could be anything from a CIA plot to take photos of government buildings and army bases, corrupt children, or even to inspire a bit of social disobedience. The game has not exactly recieved a warm welcome from Russia’s nervous government.
It is no wonder that a Russian Consumer Group called Rospotrebnadzor has been ordered to investigate the “possible harmful effects” of Pokémon Go. The game is to be fully analyzed by psychologist which will help the government decide on how to respond to the game.

Pokémon Go is not in Russia due to crowded servers but many citizens of Moscow currently play the game through Android and Apple accounts created to make it seem like they were made in other countries that have the game.
Source: Moscow Times

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