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Parappa The Rapper Coming To The World Of Anime

The beloved character's world is venturing to the world of anime!

​PlayStation character icon; PaRappa the Rapper, is going to appear alongside his onion headed martial arts teacher in a Japanese anime staring another one of his wacky friends later this month.

Despite only releasing two games in his own series and appearing as a guest and Easter eggs in many others, the rhyme dropping dog has stayed a fan favorite.

While PaRappa will not be the main focus of the show called PJ Berri’s Mogu Mogu Munya Munya, he is set to make regular appearances as well as take place in the mad world he shares with other rhythm game animal, Um Jammer Lammy. And with each episode to clock in around 90 seconds, it will be a mad cap release of that usual beloved Parappa humor.

It will be 15 years this August since the last Parappa game and the fans love for the series has yet to fade.

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