Does Valve’s Steam Services Have A Problem?

Valve is being sued because it needs to care more

By now most the internet has been informed of the Counter Strike: GO gambling scandal currently overtaking youtube, where two youtubers have been accused of withholding their full involvement in a CS:GO gambling site they both neglected to inform their impressionable viewers they own.

You are a terrible person is the simplest of recaps

I honestly find no point to add our view on the topic when it’s already been so well documented by other sites and youtubers but will give a proper shout out to HonorTheCall’s breaking of the story.

But a part of the narrative we seem to be forgetting is Valve’s involvement in this ordeal. A class action lawsuit against Valve is currently under way as their hands off approach to how people were able to link Steam accounts to gambling sites including accounts belonging to children. They were able to gamble with the skins they have earned in the game with no true oversight.
Now I know you are thinking that the skins don’t matter but due to the rarity of some of the skins and the fact you have to pay money to earn the chance to get them, Valve is being accused of not preventing the harm and exploitation of children. Creating a market ripe for gambling and scams.

Valve though has had a history of hands off though that feel like has finally gotten to them cause as any PC gamer knows, Steam Greenlight has been a sloop mess for a long time.

All because Valve doesn’t seem to have the effort in them to moderate it very well…

The idea seems grand in concept. The consumer votes for what should be on the store. The player picks the content. That is not what happens though. Many times warped games get through the Greenlight due to exploiting giveaways or coercing votes, both things that are forbidden by Greenlights guidelines but happens far too often. 

I think that smaller indie game companies should be able to get their project out there and supported and I think steam helps but beyond that the wild west of Steam Greenlight and the complaints it causes, should have been the lesson that taught it’s easier to prevent a mess than it is to clean it up. Hands off doesn’t work and that’s why Valve has ended up in trouble.

Now I don’t want to get rid of Steam Greenlight. I can assure a lot of good games have come from it but the amount of terrible projects that manipulate company names, coerce thumbs up, and some sites even report businesses who you can pay to get thumbs up. Steam needs quality control, cause everything bad about Steam is more than apparent in Greenlight. Hands off has gotten you in trouble Valve, so tighten up a bit.

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