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You Should Watch… – Night Mind

Let Nick Nocturne be your guide for the creepy stories and mysteries on the web.

The far corners of the internet are filled with some dark interesting mysteries and multimedia entertainment projects filled of twist and turn. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what solution is achieved or all the little tid bits to every mystery.

That’s where Nick Nocturne of Night Mind comes in to help focus his viewers gaze on imtersting, creepy, and puzzling media.

A youtube channel promising to dive deeper into the oddities of videos and stories, the Night Mind channel does some amazing work.
The channel got it’s start analyzing the long running Slender man based web experience called Marble Hornets (not to be confused with it’s movie adaption). He analyzed and recapped the series, all the tweets, the videos on the main channel and tie in channels. He tore into the series and that earned him a good chunk of his starting momentum.×720-554328756

Following his Marble Hornets coverage he moved onto the other major Slender man series like Everyman Hybrid and Tribe Twelve. His disection of those series was a sight to behold of fans. His analysis and theories inspired fan discussions, reddit talks, entire new people joining in on the fun of reality games participation.

The Night Mind channel now focuses on a broad range of topics all falling under the banner of creepy mystery. He has reviewed movies, solved complicated math puzzles, taken subtle clues that seem like coincidence and revealed how they connect.

If you like those stories that are out there that haunt you long after its done, You need to watch Nick Nocturne, a creator who I know truly cares for his fans and does what he does for them by showing just what hides away on the web.

Some of our favorite pieces of his content:

“Marble Hornets” Explained– where it all started won’t have you disapointed. 

“Everyman Hybrid” Explained – If you fancy you self any type of mystery fan you need to watch this. Personally my favorite, the Everyman Hybrid series itself is something you shold be watching.

Who Is Poppy?– I just finished watching this new uploaded video and it still haunting me.

Explaining “This House Has People In It” – This one is the first one I usually shpw new viewers, and they are always amazed by the study work he does on this one.

So please go ahead and check out Nick Nocturne. After all, You Should Watch.

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