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The Playstation 4 has ultimately Won This Console Generation (and that is making it’s fans stupid)

An Entire Line of Sony Event Attendees Agreed That "PC isn't a gaming platform"

“Ha, like PC is a viable gaming platform anyway!”

That’s what was said on the Sony E3 2016 experience line. It was a statement met with agreement from everyone else on the line save for myself and the person I came with.

A large portion of the line agreed that PC did not count as a gaming platform. That PC and any other console failed to even come close to the PS4’s might.

Now I know the people who read these things do not have the effort in them to read what would be the multi-part article series I would need to simply tear that statement apart. I do not have it in my being to express the stupidity in that statement.
I am not going to defend the PC. If I need to defend the PC to you, I have already lost you. What we are going to talk about is the idiotic victory lap that the PS4’s fans are doing.

A victory lap they might not deserve.

Now before you leap down to the comment section if you already haven’t because I insulted your precious god station 4. Calm down. Not saying the PS4 is a bad console. Sony has some questionable customer support and business practices but that’s another story. No the PS4 is solidly built, great library and beautiful graphics. But so is the Xbox One. And while the Wii U’s library is a bit lacking to me, the people who bought it are getting what they want out of it.
But still, you see meme after meme portraying some utter victory of the PS4 over the other consoles, either with its graphics which are more than comparable to that of the Xbox One and lacking the power of the more advanced PC rigs. Or how great every game exclusive  that comes out for it is.

Remember The Order.
Yet on that line the praise spoken of it was so grand and cherishing they proceeded to attack every console that wasn’t theirs.

PC gaming is my personal favorite. Mods are fun. Ease of purchase thanks to Gog and Steam makes getting the latest releases amazing. PC gaming is many times what gaming should be but these gamers that maybe never experienced it, decided that their expert tones and self proclaimed high standards gave them ever right to ignore the PS4’s numerous security breaches, customer support rated as some of the worse in the industry, and lack luster titles that plague every console.

But if I keep going I will end up defending the PC.

It’s easy to point out the “fanboy on any platform”. Nintendo fans will broadcast how legendary and fan favorite ready the big N is. Xbox fans connectivity to the PC, it’s rebate system and true functioning backwards compatibility is what Microsoft’s fans love. And I will not even pretend that the PC master race jokes dont exist. But this time it was the fans of all things Sony that irked those who understand. No console is golden and free of mistakes. There is such a thing as being too much of a fan. These people waiting on this line proceeded to inform each other how much their friends who play on consoles secretly feel threatened and jealous.

Now the console wars have been happening for a long time. Remember “Sega does what Nintendon’t”?

But lately it feels like it borders more on some weird pseudo ideology rather than preference for how you game. Has preference given way to overzealous devotion. To me it feels like that, to others? Well maybe being a gamer now means being exclusive to a console, dev studio, or franchise.

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