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The Most Controversial Call Of Duty Level

Could the most controversial level in the Call of Duty series cancel a game?

The gaming world responded excitedly when the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remake was announced but that left me with a more important question other than details on the online and color I can apply to my guns.


Will they be remaking Modern Warfare 2 and if they do will they leave in the most controversial level in the franchise, “No ┬áRussian“?

For those that didn’t play, you spend a part of MW2 as an undercover agent in a terrorist cell. An important part of this undercover arc is entering a airport and gunning down civilians. It goes so far as to have the civilians who are not fatally shot, be dragged away or crawl with a bloody trail being left behind them. The player is allowed to shoot them dead and finish the task.


Now this level was created in a post 9/11 world. Reactions were harsh and the developer noted that. The level was optional and the player is given the option of not playing it, with no negative results or missed content other than the story portions of the level itself. For players who chose to play that level they actually never have to kill a single civilian and will still succeed.

The response of a lot of groups and news stories (and even stores) were that the level, despite any attempts to make it not necessary, wasn’t needed in the game. People protested and some stores refused to carry it. The game was still a massive success, some might say because of all the attention.

So if they remake the game should the level still be in it?

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I personally am not a proponent for the censorship of creative work that isn’t harmful and I do not believe videos games cause violence but during this modern age, where butt taunts that everyone in the game can do is removed, I am not sure if Call of Duty wants that attention. It would be too easy to strike comparisons now and too easy to look at with an accusatory eye.


Is it not the Call of Duty Devs right to publish their vision of the game and have us vote with our dollars? E3 is approaching and we will have to just wait and see what they plan, if anything soon.

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